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It's coming..RV So so so close
2012-12-17 16:04:32

Raise the price of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar as possible


BAGHDAD - Iraq News Network: parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed on Thursday that the situation of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar is stable, noting that raise the price against the dollar was possible. A member of the Finance Committee secretary Hadi said that "the central bank administered by the new managed to control the situation and stabilize the exchange rate after witnessed tension during the crisis raised against the previous administration and suspicions of corruption that kept the bank governor and his deputy and a group of employees, but the situation this period has become more stable. " He added that "the central bank governor received authorization to raise the price of the dinar safety of the dollar due to the fact that the option mentioned possible at the present time as well as the presence of the bank's intentions to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar long as previous years have seen a rise in value against the dollar." He pointed out that "the central bank governor will have the option under this authorization in choosing the appropriate time to raise the price of the dinar and it will determine when and how this step is done based on his experience in his field."