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Buy Iraqi Dinar


You may purchase any quantity of iraqi dinar.
All Price in USD. Prices as of 19/Sept/2011 for 25K. For smaller denomination such as 10k, 5k or 1k, please contact us for more detail.

Call us at
+603-8943 0000 / +6013-318 3383 (Leonardo YEE)

100,000 Iraqi Dinar $140.00
250,000 Iraqi Dinar $335.00
500,000 Iraqi Dinar $650.00
750,000 Iraqi Dinar $950.00
1,000,000 Iraqi Dinar $1,050.00
1,500,000 Iraqi Dinar $1,575.00
2,000,000 Iraqi Dinar $2,100.00
3,000,000 Iraqi Dinar $3,100.00
4,000,000 Iraqi Dinar $4,100.00
5,000,000 Iraqi Dinar $5,100.00
10,000,000 Iraqi Dinar $10,000.00
100,000,000 Iraqi Dinar Negotiable

We welcome large orders as well as orders from international customers and other dealers. If you would like to place an specialized order please Contact us.

Price may be negotiable for orders of 50 Mil + Dinar. If you are interested in placing such an order please Contact us to negotiate rates and shipping.

Terms of Service :

Dinar2u reserves the right to cancel and refund an order at any time and without prior notice.All sales are final, Upon ordering, you agree to these terms.